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Natter Cast

Jason and Sion natter about Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Nurse Jackie and much much more!
  1. Natter Cast 240 - The William Peter Blatty Cinematic Universe
    Join Jason, Andrew and Sion as we discuss the cinematic work of William Peter Blatty
  2. Natter Cast Podcast 239 - Atypical
    Join Guillermo, Jason, Sion and Gary as we discuss Netflix's Atypical
  3. Natter Cast Podcast 238 - Netflix Documentaries
    Join Jason, Sion, Gary and Patrick as we discuss Mercury 13, The Push, The Galapagos Affair and Wild Wild Country
  4. Natter Cast Podcast 237 - The Untouchables
    Join Jason and Gary as we natter about the 1987 classic film, The Untouchables
  5. Natter Cast 236 - Netflix Shows
    Jason, Gary, Sion and Patrick discuss February's Natter Cast picks for Netflix